Edvectus matches western-trained teachers with international teaching jobs. It’s as simple as that. 

Edvectus is a friendly, innovative company that combines international teacher recruitment with a learning portal for teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills, enhance their knowledge of international curricula and their knowledge of working abroad.

As an international teaching agency, we specialise in matching internationally minded qualified teachers with appropriate internationally based schools and our unique approach allows our candidates to access carefully developed and moderated online training that will enable them to land their dream teaching jobs abroad. At the same time our clients minimise their risk by hiring teachers who are qualified, screened, trained and informed about their school, their region and the challenges of working abroad.

Our consultants are ex-teachers with international experience and our Learning Portal is a valuable tool that is free to our registered candidates.

Who writes the content?

The People who make Edvectus

My name is Diane Jacoutot and I’m the Managing Director of Edvectus, specialists in worldwide teacher recruitment for international schools.  I’ve long been interested in the international world, and am an expatriate myself.   I follow international school news and business trends and like to think about how they all fit together to help inform teachers who might want to work in international schools now or in the future.


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